Street Resurfacing

In 2020, the Village will be focused on completing the roadway reconstruction project in the Hanover Gardens area.  These are some of the oldest streets in the Village and were constructed using a concrete base, which has now failed and needs replacement.  Several streets will be reconstructed in 2020.  This includes the full removal and replacement of curb and gutter, spot repairs to sidewalks, and the full replacement of the pavement.  This project will be combined with the Village’s water main replacement program, to ensure that old water mains are replaced where necessary under the new pavement.  The following streets are scheduled to be reconstructed in 2020:    

Street                                            From                                               To                                 
Hollywood Ave.                             East Ave.                                          Briarwood St.
Jonquil Terr.                                  Laurel Ave.                                       Briarwood Ave.
Thornwood St.                              Hollywood Ave.                                Briarwood Ave.
Rosewood St.                               Tanglewood Ave.                              Greenwood Ave.
Hanover St.                                  Greenwood Ave.                               Laurel Ave.
Jasmine Dr.                                   Hollywood Ave.                                Briarwood Ave. 

Depending on funding, later in 2020 the Village may also undertake the resurfacing of various Village streets.  It is anticipated that approximately $200,000 will be available for resurfacing once the roadway reconstruction project is completed, and the Village is anticipating the receipt of an additional $500,000 grant from the State of Illinois to be used for road work.  The timing of this grant is, as of yet, unknown.  The specific streets to be resurfaced will be determined at a later date, once the amount of funding available for resurfacing is known.           





Street Repair Sign