Appliance Pick Up & Tire Disposal

Appliances Pick Up With Special Charges

A special pickup charge applies for the collection of the following appliances:

  • Air conditioners-central unit
  • Air conditioners-window unit
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Clothes dryers
  • Clothes washers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Humidifiers
  • Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Water coolers
  • Water heaters

Appliances Pick Up With No Extra Charge

The following appliances can be disposed of with regular garbage collection at no extra charge:

  • Garbage disposals
  • Hand held appliances
  • Microwave ovens
  • Trash compactors
  • Water softeners

See the rate fee per appliance. Arrangements must be made in advance for the collection of appliances.