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Restaurant Week Restaurant Participation Form

  1. Restaurant Week

    March 8-18, 2024

  2. You’re invited to participate in Hanover Park’s Restaurant Week!  March 8 – 18, 2024

    The Village of Hanover Park wants to encourage residents to explore the many delicious dining options available in their own community. Restaurant Week is a wonderful opportunity to promote and celebrate local food.

    Across the U.S., Restaurant Weeks have successfully helped increased revenues and   new customers for participating restaurants. Restaurant Week in Hanover Park seeks to replicate these successes by encouraging the community to support their favorite restaurants, try something new, and above all, get a taste of Hanover Park, the Global Village!

    Please complete the participation form by Wednesday, February 2, 2024. If you have any questions, contact Kathy Sjodin at or by phone at (630) 823-5780.

    Benefits to Your Restaurant 

    In addition to Restaurant Week’s economic benefits, your business will enjoy Hanover Park’s marketing and  media exposure benefits for several weeks leading up to the event:

    • Print: The Hi-Lighter, the Village’s premier newsletter which is delivered to every household in Hanover Park, local newspapers, and partner newsletters.
    • Social media: Village’s Facebook pages
    • Websites: Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Village of Hanover Park, and other Hanover Park partner organizations.
    • Email: Multiple announcements to residents, businesses, and in our Business Matters newsletter

    Menu Tips & Suggestions

    Not sure what to offer during Restaurant Week?  Here are some simple ideas to offer customers:

    • Offer a certain % off all orders
    • Create Daily Specials at reduced prices
    • Offer a free dessert or free appetizer with meal orders
    • Have Buy One Get One Free offers on your menu
    • Create a special menu item available only during Restaurant Week

  3. Please describe your offer

  4. The Village will also provide you a poster to display during Restaurant Week!

  5. Please contact Community Development if you need assistance with a logo.

  6. DEADLINES – Due Before Restaurant Week 

    By Friday, February 2, 2024:

    Complete this participation form.

    By Monday, February 5, 2024:

    Provide your restaurant’s logo for a listing on the Village’s Facebook pages and the Hi-Lighter newsletter.  Email logos and specials to

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