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Finance Department

Water Bill Information


  Click here for Hanover Park Water and Sewer Information, which includes a billing schedule.

Water Turn On Procedures
Payment Information
Electronic Bill Payment
Auto Pay Program
Billing Cycles


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New residents must come to the Village Hall to complete an application for water service.

When moving out of your residence, please call the water billing department to arrange for a final meter read.

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All water and sewer bills must be paid at:

Finance Department
2121 Lake Street
Hanover Park, IL 60133-4398

If paying at Village Hall, bills may be paid in person between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm on Thursdays. Bills may be paid by mail. When paying by mail, please allow five days for delivery.

Bill payments may also be deposited in the 24-hour drop boxes located in front or just east of the main entrance to the Municipal Building. Payments deposited in these boxes will be processed for payment on the next working day.

Electronic Payment

Click here for more information on paying your bill electronically.

Back to TopAuto Pay Program

Discover the convenience of the Village's automatic bill payment program for residential water and sewer service.

By participating in this program, the Village will automatically deduct payment of your water and sewer bill from your checking or savings account on or near the due date, saving you time and money.  This is a free service, which is voluntary.

Click here for more information about our auto pay program, including an enrollment form.

Back to TopBilling Cycles

Water bills are issued every two months, with payment due 20 days after the billing date.  A ten percent penalty is added to bills paid after the due date. If a bill remains unpaid 34 days after the billing date, service will be terminated and a fifty dollar reactivation fee will be assessed. Checks will not be accepted to satisfy accounts that remain unpaid 45 days after the billing date.

The 2016 water bill due dates are outlined below.

 Cycle Due Date
Cycle 3 & 4 (Cook County) January 19, 2016
  March 21, 2016
  May 21, 2016
  July 21, 2016
Cycles 5 & 6 (DuPage County) February 17, 2016
  April 21, 2016
  June 21, 2016
    August 21, 2016
Monthly Billing (Cook & DuPage Counties) September 21, 2016
  October 21, 2016
  November 21, 2016
  December 21, 2016


If you need further information, please contact the Water Billing Department during regular business hours at (630) 823-5799.