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Code Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement Unit of the Police Department Operations Division is staffed with Code Enforcement Officers and a Supervisor. The unit is responsible for protecting the health, safety and maintenance of all residential properties within the Village by enforcing the International Property Maintenance Code and Code Enforcement 2016 the Hanover Park Municipal Code. Building permits and commercial property inspections are the responsibility of the Department of Community Development.

In addition to the enforcement of residential property maintenance codes, the Code Enforcement Unit is responsible for administering the Rental Residential Licensing program. All rental residential properties in the village are inspected and landlords MUST attend a Crime Free Multi-Housing training seminar as well as use a crime free lease addendum prior to being licensed.  Apartment buildings having more than two apartments are inspected and licensed annually.  Residential rental buildings having two units or less are inspected and licensed every two years.  The goal of this program is to ensure that these properties are maintained in a manner that provides for the health and safety of the tenants, as well as the community.

The Code Enforcement Unit also operates and monitors the 24 hour Code Enforcement Hotline. Residents may call the Hotline anytime at (630) 823-5572 and leave a confidential voicemail to report violations. Complaints may be made anonymously if desired. A Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the complaint, usually within 24-48 hours after receiving the message.

The goal of every enforcement action undertaken by the Code Enforcement Unit is to achieve voluntary compliance. Should you receive a Property Maintenance Violation Notice and have any questions, or need to request extra time for compliance, you are strongly encouraged to make direct contact with the Code Enforcement Officer whose name and telephone number is listed on the notice.

The information provided below, while not exhaustive, describe the violations most frequently encountered by Code Enforcement Officers. These violations are also available in pamphlet form (in English or Spanish) by contacting the Code Enforcement Unit Secretary at (630) 823-5570. For any other concerns, you are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement Supervisor at (630) 823-5565. The Code Enforcement Unit appreciates your cooperation and assistance in maintaining the quality of life and appearance of the Village of Hanover Park.

Sanitation - Garbage

  • Garbage must be disposed of in an approved covered container. (307.2.1)
  • Refrigerators and similar equipment shall not be discarded without first removing the doors. (307.2.2)
  • Garbage containers are not allowed in front yards.(50-31[8])
  • Garbage containers are not allowed in corner side and side yards, unless screened from view.(50-31[8])
  • Garbage containers cannot be set out earlier than 5:00 PM on the night before collection and must be removed within 24 hours after collection.(50-31[3]) (During a holiday week, the collection day is one day later, after the holiday.)
  • No garbage, refuse, landscape waste, rubbish, or building materials are allowed in front, corner side, or side yards.(50-31[9]) Stacked firewood is allowed in corner side and side yards. Necessary building materials pursuant to a valid building permit are allowed in any yard.
  • Must have garbage service with a scavenger licensed in Hanover Park.(50-32[2])

Weeds - Tall Grass

  • Grass must be maintained to less than 8 inches in height(302.4).
  • Compost piles (50-32[11]) must:
    • Have no noxious odors;
    • Be less than 5 feet in height and 100 square feet in area; and
    • Be located only in rear yards, except corner lots, then in side yards within 20 feet of the rear yard.
  • Shrubbery on private property shall not obstruct sidewalks or street. (86-24[a])
  • No bare areas or ruts in grass caused by pedestrians or vehicles.(18.92(j)B)

Accessory Structures

Accessory structures must be structurally sound and in good repair (302.7), the proper size and in the proper location.( Examples include:

  • Detached garages
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • Decks-Patios
  • Pools (303.1)
  • Stairs and handrails (304.10/304.12/306.1)

Sidewalks and Driveways (Parking Spaces)

  • Must be properly maintained. (302.3)
  • Snow must be removed within 24 hours after a snowfall of two-inches or more. (86-181)
  • Gravel driveways are prohibited.(86-55)

Motor (and Recreational) Vehicles

  • Inoperable vehicles (including unlicensed vehicles) may not be stored except in a garage or no more than one vehicle under a commercially manufactured cover (in good condition). (302.8)
  • Vehicle parts or accessories (covered or uncovered) may not be stored except on a driveway, in the front, side, or corner side yard, and any off-street parking area. (305.1)
  • Detached snow plows may not be stored on driveway surfaces except between November 1 and April 30. (305.1)
  • No outside major automotive repair work, such as overhaul or body work, can be performed. (302.8)
  • No parking on unpaved surface. (302.10)
  • No parking across sidewalk except from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM Sunday thru Thursday and from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM Friday & Saturday. (62.11.1303a/b)
  • No parking of commercial vehicle (other than “A” or “B” plate) in residential district. (
  • Improper parking/storage of recreational vehicles. (

Grading and Drainage

  • Standing or stagnant water is not allowed. (302.2)
  • The filling of drainage swales is prohibited. (66-22)

Exteriors of Buildings

Building exteriors must be maintained in good repair without holes, loose or rotting materials, peeling paint, or graffiti. The surface should be intact and properly painted without missing bricks or mortar. (304.2)

This includes: Walls (304.6) and Soffit/Fascia (304.2)

Roofs (and Drainage)

  • Roofs must be free of leaks. (304.7)
  • Shingles and flashing must be in good repair, not worn or missing. (304.7)
  • Gutters and downspouts must be in good repair and free of obstructions. (304.7)

Windows and Screens

They must be:

  • In sound condition, good repair, and weather tight (304.13)
  • Without cracks or holes in glazing materials (304.13.1)
  • Easily opened and held in position by window hardware. (304.13.2)
  • Screens are required for open doors or windows used for ventilation. (304.14)

Doors (and hardware) (304.15)

  • Properly maintained in good repair.
  • Locks must secure the door.

House Numbers (304.3)

They must be:

  • Not less than four inches high,
  • Plainly legible and visible from the street,
  • In numerals only.

Other Violations

  • Prohibited signs. (6-4)
  • Illegal home occupation. (
  • No building permit where required. (116.4B)
  • Failure to exterminate. (308.1)
  • Graffiti prohibited. (302.9)
  • Holiday decorations must be removed within 90 days of the Holiday. (70-174/305-3[b])