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Investigations Bureau

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The Investigation Bureau is comprised of three sections: Detectives, Special Operation Group and Crime Analysis. The Investigations Bureau is commanded by Lieutenant Riedel.

The Investigation Bureau assists the Patrol Bureau in the follow-up of cases that is beyond the scope of the uniformed officer. Detectives do not specialize in any one type of crime. Detectives investigate cases ranging from murder to theft. To contact a detective, call (630) 823-5500. Detectives handle both adult and youth cases.

The juvenile officers assigned in this Division administer programs aimed at the redirection of the behavior of the youthful offender. These include referral to outside social service agencies, station adjustment, and, when necessary, adjudication in the juvenile court system.

The Hanover Park Police Department offers services and assistance with both delinquent and non-delinquent youth. Many legal options are available when dealing with a juvenile who has violated the law, most of which involve handling a case informally in the department, and do not involve referral to juvenile court or removing the youth from the family. If you would like to discuss a specific problem with a Youth Officer, you may call (630) 823-5500.  The Police Department also employs a full-time Social Worker who deals with both delinquent and non-delinquent youth. If you would like to discuss a problem, you should first contact the Youth Officer; however, if your question or problem involves a juvenile who has not violated the law, you may contact the Police Social Worker at (630) 823-5579.

Special Operations Group

Special Operation Group officers specialize in combating gang and drug activity in Hanover Park. The SOG is supervised by Sergeant Weil. SOG officers spend their time gathering gang intelligence and conducting anti-drug operations. To contact officers assigned to the unit, call (630) 823-5500.

Crime Analysis

The crime analyst keeps track of crime statistics in Hanover Park, forecasts future crime trends, and coordinates crime information sharing among other agencies.