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Solid Waste Services

Basic Refuse Rules

  1. Do not store garbage containers or carts in the front yard. Containers can be stored in the corner side and side yard only if they are screened from public view from the street.
  2. Building and landscaping materials can be stored in the front, corner side, or side yards only if a building permit has been issued.
  3. Do not put garbage, refuse, recyclables, or yardwaste out for collection earlier than 5:00 pm preceding your pickup day.
  4. Please remove your containers or anything not collected by Republic Services within 24 hours after your pickup day.
  5. Load your recycling bin properly so newspaper does not blow out all over the neighborhood on windy days.
  6. Do not locate compost piles in front or corner side yards and maintain the compost pile to control odors.

Thank you in advance for following these regulations and
maintaining clean neighborhoods.