Can we have a crosswalk at this intersection?

Crosswalks can either be "marked" with painted lines of white or yellow, or left "unmarked" at an intersection. The purpose of a "marked" crosswalk is to encourage pedestrians to use a particular crossing. Normally, crosswalks are "marked" at places where there is an abundance of pedestrian movement, at a signal, and where pedestrians cannot recognize a proper place to cross.

However, if "marked" crosswalks are not frequently used by pedestrians, then drivers tend to forget that they exist. As a result, accidents can occur when pedestrians rely on crosswalks to provide them with a safe barrier from traffic. It is important that pedestrians remain attentive and cautious of on-coming vehicles on a roadway before crossing a street, regardless of the presence, or lack of, a crosswalk. Questions should be directed to the Strategic Enforcement and Prevention Unit at 630-823-5481.

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