How do I dispute a parking ticket?

Beginning May 1, 2014, the Village of Hanover Park began utilizing an adjudication process for the mediation of all parking and local ordinance tickets. 

Hearings are held at the Village Hall, 2121 Lake Street, Room 214. Simply report on the date assigned and check in with the clerk. 

Beginning December 28, 2022, individuals and/or entities may contest a parking ticket by mail and waive their appearance regardless of residency.  The Request for Hearing Form without Personally Appearing and Waiving the Right to Personally Appear may be obtained at the police department front desk or on the Village website; forms must be completed with all requested information provided and must be postmarked within 10-days of the ticket's issuance.  

Continuances will not be granted by phone and must be made in person on the assigned date printed on the notice/ticket.

Please be advised that in accordance with Article XVIII Section 2-744(D)(4) if the Adjudicating Judge determines one is liable then a $100 court fee will be assessed on top of the initial fine of the ticket.

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