After the Fire

This information was developed as a resource tool to give you information you may need in the coming days to assist you in reducing your losses after the fire is out. In the event you cannot find the help you need, phone 630-823-5800, and we will assist you in locating the appropriate individuals or agency that can help. The Hanover Park Fire Department is concerned with your safety and the loss of your property. 

Breaking Windows & Creating Holes

You might ask why we break windows and doors, or cut holes in your roof. Fire produces temperatures well over 1200 degrees along with smoke and hot gases. At times it is necessary to eliminate heat, smoke and hot gases before firefighters can enter to extinguish the fire. The ventilation must be done quickly to help reduce fire spread and smoke damage.

Often walls must be forced open to check for hidden fires, allowing for complete fire extinguishment. After the fire is out, the damage may appear unnecessary; however without the use of these fire fighting techniques, complete fire suppression would be extremely difficult. The Hanover Park Fire Department is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

If You Need Emergency Assistance

If you need emergency assistance for food, clothing or lodging, contact the American Red Cross.


Smoke can damage the lungs of a dog or cat in minutes and sparks can cause painful bumps that may stay hidden under your pet's fur. As soon as possible, take your pet to a veterinarian. If your pet is lost in the confusion, call the Cook County Department of Animal Control or the DuPage County Animal Control.

Counseling Support

After the fire, you may experience: anxious feelings, depression, difficulty concentrating, sadness, or irrational (unfounded fears and nightmares) behavior. These are common responses to a traumatic event. If you or your family members need support, contact the American Red Cross or check your yellow pages under Counselors. Some employers and/or health insurance carriers provide coverage for counseling services.