Ambulance Services

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports

As an enhancement to the services already offered by Hanover Park Fire Department the Department’s ambulances will now provide both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport services.

Since the 1940's the department has provided emergency ambulance service. In the mid 1970’s the department became one of the first in the State to upgrade treatment capabilities from the Emergency Medical Technician – Ambulance to Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. The service again expanded in 2004 to begin providing paramedic level care from the Village’s Engine Companies and has most recently moved into the non-emergency arena.

Need for Non-Emergency Transports

Patients who are in a convalescent state frequently require stretcher transports as part of their overall care plan. These transports include the movement of patients between care facilities or their home for the purpose of diagnostic testing, specialized medical treatment procedures and rehabilitation services. Although these transports require an ambulance and skilled emergency medical technicians or paramedics, the transport is typically scheduled and is non-emergency in nature.

Medicare and medical insurance regulations recognize that non-emergency ambulance transports are an integral part of a comprehensive patient care plan and reimburse for ambulance transport services that are deemed medically necessary and ordered by the patients attending physician.

Scheduling Transport

The department's goal is to be the preferred non-emergency ambulance provider within the Village of Hanover Park by offering exceptional service and competitive pricing. The department offers both local and long distance transport service. Transports can be scheduled 24 hours per day by calling 630-823-5800. For more information call 630-823-5800.

ALS Engine Fleet

The department also has three paramedic equipped engines. One operates from Fire Station Number 1 and a second from Fire Station Number 2. The third is used as a reserve and can be staffed by off-duty personnel.

The Advanced Life Support Engines are designed to begin patient care prior to the arrival of an ambulance. Engine Company Paramedics are also used to assist the ambulance personnel with patient care.

Hanover Park Fire Department Ambulance Pictures 2021