Hazardous Materials & Utility Vehicles

Hazardous Materials Trailer 

  • 20 Air Purifying Respirators
  • 3.8 kV Generator
  • 6-5 gallon buckets of AFFF foam
  • HazMat Trailer 375 contains Level B entry suits and Decontamination supplies.
  • HM 375 contains spill protection and absorbents as well as over-pack containers.
  • Level B Entry Suits
  • Mass Causality Decontamination Supplies
  • Portable Scene Lights

Utility Vehicle 15

  • 2012 Ford F-250
  • The unit is assigned to the Operations Division at Fire Station 1
  • This vehicle is second-response for fire operations, inspections, training and fire station snow plowing
A large red storage trailer.
A black and red truck with a plow shovel connected to the front.