Lobbying Associations and Firms

List of Lobbying associations and Firms

The Village of Hanover Park belongs to several lobbying associations and firms.

DuPage Mayor and Managers Conference

As coalition of cities and villages, the Conference promotes excellence in municipal government, evaluates the impact of pending state and federal legislation, provides research, technical assistance, and training to members, and fosters intergovernmental cooperation. Learn more on the DuPage Mayor and Managers Conference Website

Illinois Municipal League

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) provides a formal voice for Illinois municipalities in matters involving common interests. They promote competence and integrity in administration as they provide municipal officials with knowledge and experience to best administer their duties. Learn more on the Illinois Municipal League Website

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

The Caucus provides a forum through which the chief elected officials of the region cooperatively develop consensus on common public policy issues and multi-jurisdictional challenges. With a foundation of collaboration and consensus-based decision-making, it serves a number of functions for its partner organizations and local governments. Learn more on the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Website

National League of Cities

The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. Working in partnership with the 49 state municipal leagues, NLC serves as a resource to and an advocate for the more than 19,000 cities, villages and towns it represents. Learn more on the National League of Cities Website

Northwest Municipal Conference

The Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) has been working to strengthen communities and enhance intergovernmental relationships in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.  The Northwest Municipal Conference represents over 1.3 million citizens residing in their 41 municipalities and 1 township. Their membership area covers over 300 square miles in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties. Learn more on the Northwest Municipal Conference Website

United States Conference of Mayors

The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) is the official non-partisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are 1,295 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor. Learn more on the United States Conference of Mayors Website

Roger C. Marquardt and Associates

The Village also utilizes the Marquardt Team draws its effectiveness, in part, from the wide diversity of experience possessed by its members. Their team members have:

  • Held elective state and local offices.
  • Managed successful businesses.
  • Coordinated statewide political campaigns.
  • Served in a variety of different capacities throughout the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of Illinois government. 

This wide-ranging variety of experience has provided their team with an unparalleled network across Illinois which includes business executives, political leaders, and policy makers of all partisan stripes. Learn more about this organization on Roger C. Marquardt and Associates Website. You may also view the  Village's contract with Roger C. Marquardt and Associates (PDF)