County Farm Road Multi-Use Path (MUP)


Project Location:County Farm Rd. from Stearns Rd. to Ontarioville Rd. Church Rd. south of Ontarioville Rd.
Project StatusUnder Design
Bid Opening Date:TBD
Mandatory Pre Bid Meeting:TBD
Construction Start DateTBD
Construction Completion Date:TBD
Construction Engineer:TBD
Design Engineer:HR Green
Awarded Construction Amount:TBD
Adjusted Final Construction Amount :TBD
Funding Source(s):STP, ITEP, Local 


Provide residents with a safe and continuous non-vehicular access to Metra and Pace Buses.  Eliminate existing gaps in the current multi-use path network. 


The project consists of the installation of a new multi-use path between existing bicycle paths.  It will provide a continuous path from the Park District's Aquatic Center and the Hanover Park Metra Station.