Monthly Rates and Billing Procedures

Waste Services Rates

Please refer to the following monthly rates schedule and note that the service rates in all categories will increase in future years due to increases in fuel, labor, tipping fees, transportation and final disposal costs. This is because our garbage and refuse is currently hauled to the DuKane transfer station in West Chicago. From there it is loaded into large semi-transfer trailers and transported to a landfill in Livingston County in Pontiac, Illinois for final disposal.

Monthly Rates 

Rates are scheduled from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024
Description/Categories Type of Bill
Yard Sticker
Additional Refuse Cart (64 gallon)
N/A $3.28
Additional Refuse Cart (96 gallon)
N/A $3.28
One Invoice
Olde Salem
One Invoice
Fremont Junction
One Invoice
Larkspur One Invoice
Church  Street Station
Individual $26.41
Court J Homeowners Association
Individual $26.41
Hartford Square
Individual $26.41
Rainbow Pointe Sacramento
Individual $26.41
Rainbow Pointe West
Individual $26.41
Savanna Subdivision
Individual $26.41
Tall Oaks of Hanover
Individual $26.41
Single Family, Duplexes, Triplexes
Individual $23.77
Special Pickup (per yard)
N/A $28.96
Yard Waste Cart Service (96 gallon)
N/A $31.60
Appliance (White Goods Pickup Rate per Appliance)
N/A $43.71

Billing Procedures

Except for certain instances in which the bill for refuse pickup for all the homes in one area is sent to the Homeowners Association, refuse bills are mailed to Hanover Park residents on a quarterly basis. The bills are due 30 days after receipt for advance services. This billing policy helps keep rates as low as possible.