Crime Mapping

The Hanover Park Police Department uses LexisNexis' Community Crime Map to share crime data with the public through an easy-to-use online crime map and analytics dashboard. The data is displayed with eight fields of limited offense information to protect victim privacy. This is a valuable tool for the Police Department to communicate crime activity to Hanover Park’s citizens and the media. LexisNexis' Community Crime Map has easy-to-use mapping website for the public which includes address searching, date range filters and numerous categories that make it easy for the public to view the crime information that matters to them most. 

In addition, the Community Crime Map has simple dashboard analytics that allow citizens to use meaningful analytics, including a time of day and day of week graph, helps the them interpret crime activity so they can take action and stay safe. Another feature of the Community Crime Map is neighborhood watch crime alert emails. A citizen can set up automated neighborhood watch emails to keep them up-to-date on recent crime activity near their home, school or other place of interest. The Community Crime Map also has a short web form which makes it easy for the public to quickly submit an anonymous tip directly to the Police Department. The final feature of the  Community Crime Map is sex offender mapping. Registered sex offenders in the Village are mapped alongside the crime data.