Severe Weather


  • Outdoor Warning Sirens are not meant to be the main source of weather warning indoors.
  • Hanover Park currently has six Outdoor Warning Sirens, including one that is shared with Streamwood.
  • Our Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 10am for one minute.
  • Hanover Park will often hear our neighboring sirens being tested. Due to advancements in siren technology, newer sirens tend to have a wider range of warning.
  • When the sirens stop, that does not mean the threat is over. Monitor social media or local news for the All-Clear notification.
  • The sirens will sound for 3 minutes during a Tornado Warning and re-activated after 10 minutes if the threat is still present.  
  • The National Weather Service does not have the capability to take over the radio airwaves in the Chicagoland area. Your cellphone may be your only way of receiving Tornado notification.
  • The National Weather Service uses criteria to activate these sirens. Which means when you hear a siren, a room full of meteorologists agree that the storm has advanced to a serious level of concern within a few miles of our location.

Did you know?

Storm Ready Logo

The Village of Hanover Park is a Storm Ready certified municipality by the National Weather Service. For additional Severe Weather information for our area, please see: 

Storm Cell 20231

WHAT is THE difference between a Watch and a warning?

Watch: Be Alert and tune into a weather alerting system including tv, social media, radar or your NOAA weather radio. This means severe storms or tornadoes MAY form and affect your area.

Warning: Take Action! A severe storm or tornado is expected in your area!

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