After the Disaster


Hail 2023!

After a disaster occurs, the Village of Hanover Park Emergency Management may set up a Commodity Distribution Site in the even that multiple residents need supportive resources such as food, water, bedding, clothing and building materials. Depending on the type of disaster, Emergency Management may also provide information on sheltering locations and debris pick up schedules. It is important than all residents remain self-sustaining for at least 72-hours after a disaster occurs with their own disaster kit, in order for emergency management to set up these types of commodity and shelter needs.


what to do - storm damage

Debris Management Image

After a significant weather event or disaster occurs, community involvement is essential to getting things back online. Debris management is a team effort to clear our roads for essential public safety personnel for emergent situations. The Village of Hanover Park has outlined a reference guide for residents to use to organize debris pick up after a disaster. This process will allow residents the time to go through personal belongings and provide collection assistance.